Office Tip – Change Auto-recovery behaviour

One of the most useful features within Microsoft applications is the fact that they are designed by default to temporarily save a copy of the current work every 10 minutes such that if they are shut down unexpectedly i.e. power-cut, system crash etc. then a relatively up to date version of the work can be recovered even if the user has not saved the current project for some time.

This behaviour can be modified to for instance save a copy automatically every 4 minutes instead of 10 minutes. For most Office applications the auto-recovery properties can be changed by clicking on “File” and “Options” and selecting the “Save” tab.

The only applications which work slightly different in this area are Access, which has no Auto-recovery option as it is automatically updated/saved whenever the focus shifts away from the current record, and Outlook, for which we can only influence the way new emails are saved as drafts while we are in the process of typing them. To access this feature in Outlook, click on “File” and “Options” and select the “Mail” tab where the Draft email properties can be changed in the “Save Messages” section.

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